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Research Interests

Our research interests include but are not limited to:

Creative and Performing Arts: The Centre conducts applied research that explores how participating in the creative and performing arts promotes healthy aging. In addition, we develop innovative strategies to increase access to participation for all interested older persons, regardless of geographic location or any personal limitations.

Innovative and Accessible Technology: We have conducted many applied research projects exploring how best to support older adults with personal computing and other technologies. These may include web-based communities and other supportive technologies that could improve quality of life and contribute to successful aging-in-place.

The Business of Aging: As Canada experiences an increase in the number of older adults living and working in society, the impact of this changing demographic presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses and business leaders. We are thought leaders in the business of aging arena, working to support, educate and collaborate with the business community as it begins to adapt to these changes.

Active Aging, Physically and Cognitively: Physical and cognitive health are vitally important to aging well. By working with service providers and software designers, we help develop innovative community programs and service delivery options so that older adults of any physical or cognitive ability can benefit from instruction and training opportunities.

Aging in a Foreign Land: There is an increase in the number of older immigrants who are settling and aging in Canada. By working closely with a diverse range of community partners, including some that are ethno-specific in nature, we are working to support and improve the services and programs available for older immigrants.

Learning and Training: Learning, for people of all ages, continues throughout the life course. To accomplish this, we are exploring opportunities for learning in retirement and long-term care homes as well as innovative ways to extend learning opportunities to all interested older adults. In addition, we have developed unique training protocols and materials to support Sheridan College students as they become Research Assistants working at the Centre so that they are able to take those applied research skills with them as they graduate.