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Ontario Centres of Excellence Projects

Industry Academia Collaboration Program – Technical Problem Solving (TPS) Fund Projects

Project Name: Near Real-Time Monitoring Device for Pressure Ulcers
Industry Partner: SensiMAT Systems Inc.

Project Description: The SensiMAT for Wheelchairs is the first and only mobile application that can facilitate pressure relieving behaviour for the prevention of pressure ulcers. The SensiMAT for Wheelchairs is a thin mat containing pressure sensors that is inserted underneath your gel, air, or foam cushion. These sensors send pressure data to a mobile application, created by Sheridan College. Through this application, SensiMAT Systems' proprietary PressureRisk™ algorithm alerts you when you have a high amount of built up pressure, and facilitates and tracks your pressure relieving exercises.

Project Name: HMI Lighting Testing for High-speed Capture
Industry Partner: William F. White International Inc.

Project Description:  The objective of this project is to undertake independent research into manufacturers' claims that newly-developed ballasts that are required for HMI (Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide) lighting will allow for “flicker free” shooting with HMI lighting at up to 10,000 frames per second (fps). If it’s confirmed that this is the case, these lights will now be suitable for productions involving High Speed Imaging that have previously been forced to use less efficient lighting. These technologically more advanced ballasts will become key components of an integrated equipment package that Whites will provide as a new service to the screen-based production industries.