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What is Research?

What is research at Sheridan?

Research at Sheridan supports the student experience to enhance meaningful engagement with community and industry partners. Research at Sheridan provides relevant and innovative solutions in our communities, through meaningful collaborative opportunities between our partners, faculty and students.

Why get involved in research?

Research provides students with the opportunity to move beyond the confines of the classroom. Students use their academic knowledge and skills to help solve contemporary problems in a professional relationship with an external industry or community organization. A meaningful research experience can help students become better researchers and problem solvers, and it can help promote valuable skills like team building, formal presentation, interpersonal communication, and professionalism. Research collaborations can provide the talent, equipment, and facilities that small and medium-sized businesses and community partners often struggle to access, which can ultimately provide economic and societal impacts.

Whether it’s part of a student-industry internship, co-op, class project, or funded initiative, research can: 

  • Connect industry and community partners with specialized Sheridan faculty and students.

  • Provide students with valuable experience and exposure through working directly with industry.

  • Support our partners with innovation services including product testing, development, refinement, commercialization, and more.

  • Challenge students to apply classroom learning to real industry problems.

  • Allow partners to access Sheridan’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment as part of projects.

  • Strengthen our local economy helping small, medium and large companies drive their businesses forward.