Digital AdLab and Pilon School of Business introduce The Student Digital Accelerator Program

Apr 20, 2016

Digital AdLab, powered by DoubleClick by Google, in partnership with Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business, introduces the Digital AdLab Student Digital Accelerator Program. The program is designed to provide current advertising and marketing diploma and degree students with the practical knowledge and hands-on software training in digital advertising that will enhance their value to future employers. “We are very excited to launch this program with Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business,” says Raymond Reid, Founder and CEO of Digital AdLab. “Sheridan is a recognized leader in digital and interactive education and has demonstrated a history of collaboration with industry to deliver relevant educational experiences.” 

Driven by the expected continued growth in digital advertising, the demand for job candidates with digital skills is expected to outpace the available supply for many years. This collaborative partnership with Sheridan is designed to strengthen students’ practical skills and knowledge with the technologies utilized by advertisers, agencies, and publishers, prior to graduation, to support the industry’s growth and meet the expected resource demand.  

“We are excited to be working with Google and Digital AdLab to bring this valuable opportunity to our students,” says Sylvia Lowndes, Dean of the Pilon School of Business.  “The Digital Accelerator program complements both our strategic and practical approach to business education”. 

Delivered over a period of 6 weeks (May 17 – June 24), the Student Digital Accelerator Program will cover a broad range of topics including Programmatic Buying, Real-Time Bidding, Audience Targeting, Inventory Monetization, Data Management, and Creative Management, among many others, in order to establish the fundamentals of digital advertising, while addressing the subjects impacting the market today. Through in-class access to the DoubleClick by Google Digital Marketing Suite of applications (DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers and the DoubleClick AdExchange), students will gain first-hand experience of the most broadly utilized applications in the industry. 

"At Google, we’re always thinking about how we can inspire a new generation of digital advertising professionals to tackle the skills gap that we’re seeing across the industry,” says Matt Thornton, Director, Media Platforms, Google Canada.  “With lots of good theoretical training in-market, our partnership with Digital AdLab adds the practical, ‘hands in the tools’ training to the agenda.  We're proud to play a role in delivering this to the Pilon School of Business, to give the students a taste of what it's really like to set up a digital advertising campaign, optimize the performance and analyze the results." 

This combination of both Buy-Side and Sell-Side application exposure will uniquely position these students with the opportunity to pursue employment opportunities across the digital advertising ecosystem upon graduation.  

“As we foresee, all mediums of communication will be driven by digital in the future,” according to Reid. “Digital AdLab’s mission is to empower educational institutions with the knowledge and technologies to prepare their students for the digital economy. This partnership with Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business is a significant step towards accomplishing this mission,” he concludes.


About Digital AdLab Inc. 

The Digital AdLab’s mission is to provide the foundational knowledge and training to advance the field of digital advertising as a career in today’s digital economy. Digital AdLab offers a series of training programs designed to meet the needs of Educational Institutions, Marketers, and Advertising Professionals. Founded in 2015, Digital AdLab Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. To find more information about Digital AdLab and to register for a future training program, visit

About Sheridan’s Pilon School of Business:

As one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions, Sheridan is home to over 20,000 full time students, who study in over 120 diploma, certificate, and bachelor degree programs at four campuses in the western GTA.  The Pilon School of Business offers degrees, diplomas and graduate certificates in a wide range of disciplines including accounting, advertising, finance, global business, human resources, marketing, and supply chain management.  Further information is available at

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