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Shamster mascot standing in front of the Sheridan S

Sheridan unveils new mascot in honour of its 50th anniversary

April 01, 2017

Sheridan unveiled a new athletics mascot today in honour of Sheridan's 50th anniversary year. After months of community consultation and deliberation, Sheridan's 50th Anniversary Committee announced that Bruno, the long-standing Sheridan Bruins mascot, would be replaced by a bold new figure: the Sheridan Hamster, known simply as "The Shamster."

"While Bruno remains a cherished part of Sheridan athletics history, it was time for a mascot that's a little more aggressive, and a little more…gutsy," said Matt Rempel, 50th Anniversary Committee member. "Out with the old, in with the new. I think we really hit the mark here for Sheridan's 50th milestone."

Bruno the Bruin has been a beloved presence in Sheridan's hallways and athletic events, readily offering students high fives and bear hugs. Aside from its notorious fitness regimen, the hamster was selected as the new mascot for its ability to better intimidate opponents with its unpredictable, ferocious nature.

Sheridan student athletes welcomed the announcement of the Shamster as the new mascot.

"The mighty hamster! We have no doubt that our opponents will shake in their shoes when they see the Shamster scurrying into the field or the court on game day," said one student. "We're looking forward to seeing him hissing at our opponents or perhaps gnawing on the railing during the game, cheering us on in his own way," they said.

The Shamster will make his debut at the start of summer 2017.


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