mobile navigation An academic strike continues to be in effect at all Ontario Colleges, including Sheridan,  however we are hopeful that the back-to-work legislation will be passed and finalized by Sunday, November 19. Should the legislation pass by November 19, we anticipate welcoming our faculty back to Sheridan on Monday, November 20 to prepare for students to return to classes on Tuesday, November 21. For more information please visit

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Update on Faculty Strike at Ontario Colleges

November 06, 2017

After a number of days of bargaining, Ontario colleges and the union have not reached an agreement at the bargaining table.  At present, the strike has not been resolved and classes for Sheridan’s full and part time students remain cancelled, with the majority of Continuing Education classes still running.

Earlier today, the College Employer Council asked the Ontario Labour Relations Board to schedule a vote by striking faculty on the colleges’ offer.  The Labour Relations Board will determine the vote date, which may take between five to ten days to organize.  Due to the length of time required, the College Employer Council has asked that the strike be suspended to allow faculty and students to return to class in the interim. At present, OPSEU has not agreed to this request.

The college offer includes the following items to address the priorities brought forward at the table:

Better Access to Full-Time Jobs:

  • Requires that colleges give preference to creating full-time jobs over partial-load and sessional jobs
  • Grants partial-load faculty the same rights as full-time faculty to apply for new full-time positions
  • Gives partial-load faculty priority to teach future course offerings

Increased Pay for Full-Time and Partial-Load Faculty:

  • 7.75% salary increase over four years
  • New full-time faculty salary maximum of $115,378
  • New partial-load maximum of $154.26 per hour
  • Increased partial-load salaries by doubling the speed of progress through the salary grid
  • Improved benefits

Academic Freedom

  • Ensures that every college will have an academic freedom policy that recognizes that academic freedom is fundamental to the colleges’ commitment to academic excellence and will include the right to enquire about, investigate, pursue and speak freely about academic issues without fear of impairment to position or other reprisal

Task Force - Ontario Colleges: The Next 50 Years

The government has agreed to establish a task force on the future of Ontario colleges that will look at various issues.


The full offer can be found at:

A video statement by Sonia Del Missier, Chair of the Colleges’ Bargaining Team is available at: