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Sheridan Seeks Public Input on its Proposed Program for Executive Compensation

December 16, 2016

Beginning today, Sheridan will accept public input on its proposed Executive Compensation Program for a 30-day period, ending January 14, 2017.

Sheridan’s Board of Governors developed this draft program with a view to helping the college attract and retain the best leaders possible to deliver high-quality public services, while also practicing responsible fiscal management. The program is intended to provide a consistent, evidence-based approach to setting compensation based on research and consultation.

The government’s framework regulation caps salary and performance-related payments for designated executives, such as a President and Vice Presidents, at no more than the 50th percentile of an institution’s comparator group. It also prohibits signing bonuses, retention bonuses, cash housing allowances and insured benefits not generally provided to non-executive managers.

The regulation applies to all designated employers under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, 2014, such as colleges, universities, school boards and agencies, including Sheridan.

Read Sheridan’s proposed Executive Compensation Program and submit your comments.