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Mar 25
Lights off for Earth Hour

Time 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Location - All campuses

Saturday, March 25 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. is Earth Hour. During this annual event, millions of organizations and individuals around the world turn off non-essential lights for the hour to bring attention to climate change. Sheridan is committed to energy, waste, and greenhouse gas emission reductions through its Mission Zero goals. To show our support for Earth Hour the Trafalgar, Davis, and HMC Campuses will be turning off non-essential lights and powering down certain mechanical equipment during this time.


  • Generally, corridors in all campuses, classrooms not in use and public spaces will be reduced to emergency lighting only or dimmed down lights in exit areas.
  • Davis exterior and parking lot lights
  • HMC exterior lighting, excluding parking lots


  • Lighting in most labs and office spaces, all campuses, will remain ON (unless regularly scheduled to be off or unless an employee chooses to turn off the light in their office to participate)
  • All parking lot and roadway lighting at TRA, STC and HMC
  • The wooded trails’ lighting at TRA will remain ON
  • The external lighting at the Residences (TRA and DAV) will remain ON

 After the event, we will be communicating the impact that this initiative has on our energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and cost savings at Stay tuned for more details! For more information about Earth Hour, visit

Thank you for your cooperation and participation. For more information please contact the Office for Sustainability at‚Äč 

Earth Hour