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Jul 16
Brampton On Screen

Location Garden Square, 1 Theatre Lane (Just in front of The Rose Theatre), Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4R2

Brampton On Screen poster 

Brampton On Screen will be screening films by Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Film and Television students.

Date: Monday, July 16th, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.

Location: Garden Square, 1 Theatre Lane, Brampton ON, L6Y 4R2
(Just in front of The Rose Theatre)


Moderator – David Barlow, Faculty

1. The Beginning and End – What is an experimental films? Second-year camera and lighting class
– Samantha Tong & Monica Meng

2. The Treatment – A young girl undergoes treatment for cancer. Second-year directing assignment.
– Julianna Corso

Third-year short documentaries:

3. Urban Gold - In the heart of downtown Toronto, unconventional beekeepers generate a buzz around
how both bees and local producers can flourish in unlikely urban environments.
– Chyann Maracle, Producer; Sean Cullen, Director

4. The Echo - An in-depth look at the myths and legends surrounding Toronto’s historic Mackenzie
House and the spirits that supposedly roam its halls.
– Vanessa England Ross, Director; Jake Howard, Writer; Kayla Pattison, Editor

5. Overcome - The Story of a man who tragically lost his vision at a young age but through it all kept
pushing towards finding joy in life again.
– Eddie Mines, Producer

6. Tug of Love - A middle-aged man and his divorced parents reflect on the stressful period of his
childhood when he was kidnapped by both of them in turn.
– Cameron Thorpe, Producer

7. A Voice for Change - An 18-year-old girl’s courage to speak out while battling cancer, becomes the
catalyst of monumental change.
– Sean Cullen, Producer; Sarah Gonyea, Writer