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Feb 08
Art and Art History presents Amrita Virdi on Indian Rainbow

Time 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Location Trafalgar Road Campus, Annie Smith Arts Centre, 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 2L1

Amrita Virdi is a painter and a photographer who graduated from the Art and Art History Program in 2017. She was awarded the Dr. Annie Smith Travel Grant, which made it possible for her to travel to India. Virdi spent four months travelling throughout India to make art that reflected all of the vibrant colours that she found on her journey.

Virdi: I will be talking about my recent experience in India and sharing photographs of people from the nine different states that I visited. My presentation will focus on what I learned about colour. I will talk about an artist residency I participated in, in Jaipur Rajasthan, where I learned how to paint with natural stone pigments in traditional Miniature painting styles and techniques. I will also be sharing my experience at a school in Munnar, Kerala named Aranya Natural, where I learned how to process local organic resources to create natural dyes and experiment with designs and patterns on fabric and natural paper. I will be taking you on a colourful journey throughout my everyday life in India and show you a rainbow of my experiences as I tried to capture all the moments that overwhelmed my senses with aesthetic awe. I am excited to share my journey in India along with a new series of photographs that I have painted on with oil paint and natural pigmentations to create a reflection of all the mystical colours and the unseen magic that enchants India.


Image: Amrita Virdi, Head Strong #11 (2018), Photograph with oil and natural pigments, 50 x 76 cm

Image: Amrita Virdi, Head Strong #11 (2018), Photograph with oil and natural pigments, 50 x 76 cm