Sheridan celebrates its 50th anniversary

Whether you're a current student, alumnus, faculty member or staff, partner, supporter or community member, you're an important part of Sheridan's story.

Marking a milestone

In 2017, Sheridan celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Sheridan's 50th anniversary logo

When Sheridan first opened its doors on September 18, 1967, no one knew that a small campus of 380 students, 32 teachers and 17 programs would have such a lasting impact.

Today, Sheridan is home to 23,000 full-time students (25% of whom come from outside of Canada), and offers more than 120 diploma, certificate, and bachelor degree programs in the fields of arts, business, community service, health, technology and the skilled trades.

If you've ever watched an animated film, attended a musical, had your child enrolled at a local child care centre, visited an athletic therapist or watched a Canadian television show, Sheridan has touched your life.

Celebrating 50 years

Sheridan 50 Highlights

Creativity is everywhere at Sheridan. As we mark our 50th anniversary, take a look at what sets Sheridan apart.

Sheridan at 50 Research Project

During 2017, Sheridan engaged its students, staff, alumni and faculty to help co-create and explore the rich history of our college.  In a formal research project led by Dr. Peter Kikkert, Sheridan Professor of Public History and Dr. Christian Knudsen, Sheridan Professor of Cultural History, our community crowdsourced hundreds of photos, memories and memorabilia which were examined and incorporated into two legacy projects.

A traveling display of eight historical towers was produced that documents Sheridan’s creation, development, successes, failures, capabilities, culture, and the societal forces that have shaped the institution over time.

A social documentary film was also created, exploring Sheridan’s history as told through first person interviews with alumni, employees, past presidents and politicians.   Click here to view the trailer and the 30-minute film.