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Student FAQs and Resources

Top 10 Frequently Asked Student Questions 

I have received a Notice of Allegations email and request to meet from the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office, what do I do?

  • If you have received an email from the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office, simply respond to the email or call the office to set up a meeting time to discuss the allegations referenced in the email.

What is an allegation?

  • An allegation refers to the behaviour described in an incident report which claims a student has done something in violation to the Student Code of Conduct or related policies, but has not yet been proven as fact.

Why am I being contacted for an off-campus incident?

  • All Sheridan Students are expected to act responsibly and uphold standards of conduct that form the basis for good citizenship. The Student Code of Conduct may also apply while off-campus:
    • when engaged in a Sheridan Activity;
    • when communicating electronically including, but not limited to phone calls, text messages, social media, email, and SLATE; and/or
    • when behaviour affects the safety, integrity or interests of the Sheridan community or any of its members.

Do I have to attend the meeting?

  • Yes. All students who have been alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct or related policies, are required to attend a conduct meeting to address the allegations.

What should I expect at a conduct meeting?

  • The purpose of a conduct meeting is to understand what took place and discuss all relevant information related to the incident in question. All students will receive a fair and unbiased opportunity to provide information, respond to the allegations and inform the investigator about any mitigating circumstances.

I have witnesses to prove my story, will they be interviewed?

  • Yes. During your meeting, you will be asked to present any relevant witnesses. You will be required to provide their contact information to SRRO, who will contact them.

What happens if I am found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct or related policies?

  • If you are found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct or related policies, SRRO may apply any of the following sanctions, individually or collectively:
    • Verbal warning
    • Written warning
    • RRH
    • Completion of an educational program or project unrelated to academic obligations
    • Requiring the student to write an apology letter and/or a reflection paper
    • Community service
    • Temporary or indefinite suspension or eviction from one or more facilities and/or services at Sheridan, including but not limited to Athletic Facilities, Student Centre pubs, and/or licensed events
    • Restitution for damages caused by the misconduct
    • Non-academic probation
    • Behavioural agreements which may include, but are not limited to mandatory meetings with the SRRO, and no contact measures
    • Removal from a class, activity, course, or program
    • Eviction or temporary removal from student housing
    • Suspended re-enrolment in circumstances when a student has left Sheridan prior to the conclusion of the Student Code of Conduct – Adjudication Process and Appeals Procedure
    • Non-academic suspension
    • Issue a Trespass Notice pursuant to the Trespass to Property Act
    • Non-academic expulsion

If I am sanctioned, can I appeal the decision?

How do I file a complaint about another student?

  • Students who are concerned about behaviour in the classroom, are encouraged to contact their faculty for assistance.
  • All members of the Sheridan community can file a formal incident report with Campus Security. When the incident involves non-academic student behaviour, the incident report will be directed to SRRO for review.
  • You can also contact SRRO directly in person at The Centre for Student Success at all campuses (Trafalgar – B104, Davis – B230, HMC – A247) or by email at
  • When using email, please outline your concern, identify your name, student number, campus and preferred contact information.
  • Any member of the Sheridan community may bring forward concerns or submit complaint(s) alleging a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Please see How to Report Concerning Student Behaviours and Activity resource for more information (Appendix B) found here.

If I am found responsible, will the record go on my transcript?

  • If you are found responsible for behaviour which results in a suspension or expulsion, a notation will be issued on you your transcript. Any other sanction will not appear on your academic transcript.

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