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Faculty and Staff Resources

Top 5 Faculty and Staff Questions

How do I file a report?

  • Any member of the Sheridan community may bring forward concerns or submit complaint(s) alleging a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Please see the resource How to Report Concerning Student Behaviours and Activity for more information.
  • You can file a formal incident report with Campus Security. When the incident report involves non-academic student behaviour, the incident report will be directed to SRRO for review.
  • You can also contact SRRO directly in person at The Centre for Student Success at all campuses (Trafalgar – B104, Davis – B230, HMC – A247) or email at

What information do I need in order to file a report?

  • Your report should be as descriptive as possible outlining the behaviour(s) of concern. Please include student names, student numbers, emails or any additional relevant information.

What happens when I file a report?

  • Once a report has been filed with Campus Security, it will be forwarded to various college departments, based on the nature of the incident/concern. If appropriate, SRRO will initiate a formal investigation. This process allows for appropriate communication and referrals between departments including but not limited to, Counselling, Academic Faculties, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Threat Assessment and the Student at Risk Intervention Team (SARIT), to ensure the correct action is taken.

What is my responsibility after I’ve filed an incident report?

  • Please keep your Manager/Associate Dean (AD) apprised of any incidents reports filed, in order to assure appropriate follow-up. Incidents involving Staff/Faculty will be discussed with the applicable Manager/AD for necessary follow up. SRRO may reach out to you to obtain further information throughout an investigation

What do I do if I am worried about a student?

  • You can walk or refer the student to The Centre for Student Success at all campuses for support (Trafalgar – B104, Davis – B230, HMC – A247).
  • You can also refer the student to external supports including: Good2Talk (1-866-925-5454) and/or those listed on the Emergency Information link on the Sheridan Counselling webpage found here:
  • If you are concerned about a student during after-hours or on weekends, please contact Sheridan Security for assistance. 


A great resource for faculty is the “Creating A Climate For Learning: Managing Your Classroom” guide which is intended to support faculty in the classroom found here:

Counselling Faculty and Staff resources:

A quick guide on how and where to report student behavior