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Police Foundations – Peer Mentors

Police Foundations Peer Mentor Postion Descriptions

Students who are selected as Peer Mentors will have demonstrated a high level of student leadership and academic achievement within the Police Foundations Program and thus can serve as effective role models for first year students enrolled in the program. Peer Mentors will show a strong commitment to helping new students make the transition to Sheridan along with being part of a team of Peer Mentors. Accordingly all Peer Mentors will require high motivation, strong communication skills, and attention to detail.


The Police Foundations Peer Mentors are supervised by the assigned faculty members within the Police Foundations Program in cooperation with the Peer Mentor Program at Sheridan

Key Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of the Peer Mentors include:
  • Attending all mandatory training sessions including online, AODA training, the Peer Mentor training day and one of two professional development sessions.
  • Maintain open communication with the Department Supervisor and respond to emails using your Sheridan email account.
  • Becoming familiar with specific policies and procedures that most directly affect new students during the their time at Sheridan
  • Contacting the new students assigned on a regular basis this may including letters, phone calls and/or email messages. As well, group or individual meetings will be required as part of their on-going commitment to the program
  • Participating as expected with assigned group of first year students.
  • Participating in required meetings with the team of Peer Mentors (September – April).
  • Completing reporting or journal activities as it relates to your department.
  • Completing periodic evaluation and assessment forms

Other Expectations

  • Peer Mentors will be expected to serve as exemplary role models for new students throughout the year. This includes abiding by all College policies and local/provincial laws.
  • Peer Mentors are also expected to work collaboratively and respectfully with all faculty/staff associated with the Peer Program as well as the entire Sheridan Community.
  • Peer Mentors are expected to participate in identified training as identified by their faculty or Student Services. This training may be specific to the work they perform as a Social Service Worker Peer Mentor or may be more generic leadership training.
  • Peer Mentors are expected to represent the College and themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner in all communications and programs (including Instant Messaging, Facebook, My Space, blogging, etc.).
  • Peer Mentors are expected to exhibit maturity of judgment, objectivity and integrity, and a willingness to follow prescribed objectives.
  • It is essential that Peer Mentors respect the privacy of the students they interact with; these expectations will be elaborated on in the confidentiality training component within the Peer Mentor Program.