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Career Centre – Peer Mentors


Job Summary:

Peer Mentors promote Career Centre services and special events to the students within a specific academic school. By developing interactive approaches to reaching fellow students, and delivering strong presentations in classes, the peer mentors increase the Centre's visibility resulting in higher usage of the Centre. Peer Mentors also provide basic information on the Career Centre web site at and, and refer students to the professionals in the Career Centre.

Job Duties: 

- The Peer Mentor will continuously promote Career Centre services and activities to students in undergraduate, post-graduate and degree programs
- Use creative and innovative approaches to plan promotional activities and work as part of the Career Centre team to increase awareness throughout the College


- Enhance skills in delivering effective presentations, marketing, special events promotions
- Networking with employers from many industries
- Convenience of working in the College 
- Great experience for your resume and a great way to improve your personal job searching skills