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Accessible Learning Services - Peer Mentors


Job Summary:

Peer Mentors will work with students with learning disabilities in a group setting during a four day transition program on campus. Peer Mentors will be involved in a wide variety of duties to facilitate a successful preparatory transition from high school to Sheridan College.

Job Duties:

Job assignments may include:
  • Responsibility for creating and developing program kits for students attending workshops
  • Hosting on/off campus evening events/activities
  • Engaging students in social and recreational activities
  • Providing leadership to participants
  • Assisting with program registration and parent sessions
  • Coordination of student meals and breaks
  • Auditing classroom visits with program attendees
  • Responsibility for creating and posting signage for events and classes
Other duties as assigned


A raised awareness of the individual needs of a diverse population that can be utilized both inside and outside the academic setting
As part of a larger peer mentor group, there is opportunity for team involvement and a variety of development activities
The convenience of working on campus
Great experience for your resume and a great way to broaden your awareness and knowledge of learning and other disabilities
Develop leadership, advocacy and organizational skills