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Strategic Plan


Henry Ford has been credited with saying, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” It’s hard to say what libraries will look like in 2020, but we can speculate based on the indicators around us.

We live in a knowledge-based economy in which quality information is essential to success. In the Google world, answers should be quick and easy to come by, but the reality is often more like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Digital content is becoming more abundant and students and faculty will face increasing challenges to carry out research, identify the difference between good and bad information, and know how to use it legally and ethically. Traditional forms of publishing and scholarly communication are undergoing major transformation. Online instruction is on the rise.

Sheridan’s Library and Learning Services Strategic Plan responds to these rapidly changing academic and information environments. Our vision for Library and Learning Services in 2020 is that of a haven, where skilled knowledge specialists and learning assistants decipher, organize and disseminate information for students and faculty and provide guidance and instruction on emerging information technologies. Virtual collections will be accessible anytime, anywhere and unique physical collections will be acquired. The focal point of student life at Sheridan in 2020, the Library and Learning Commons will connect students to knowledge in creative spaces that allow for quiet reflection, collaborative learning, research and study.

Joan Sweeney Marsh, Director, Library and Learning Services

View our 2013-2020 Strategic Plan [PDF]


To commit to new approaches in the design, delivery and integration of services that support rapidly changing
academic and information environments.


Library and Learning Services will support the college vision by providing access to relevant collections and services, advancing teaching and learning, nurturing academic excellence, and cultivating creative spaces for research, study, collaboration and discovery.


Knowledge Sharing
Academic Integrity
Universal Access
Exceptional User Experience


1. Build and provide access to library collections appropriate for an undergraduate teaching university in the digital age

  • Acquire materials in support of curriculum.
  • Shift focus toward digital collections.
  • Enhance access to external collections.

2. Optimize technology to deliver services and connect users to quality information

  • Utilize digital tools to provide better access to collections and services.
  • Embed Library content and services into the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Implement mobile-friendly solutions.

3. Design an information literacy (IL) program that is collaborative, creative and centred on teaching excellence and the student experience

  • Partner with the academic community to develop IL program aligned to curriculum.
  • Prepare graduates to thrive in an information-rich world.

4. Improve the user experience through evaluation, assessment and outreach

  • Ensure quality assurance through data and assessment.
  • Improve library outreach and communication within Sheridan.
  • Establish channels for consultation with faculty and students.
  • Develop partnerships within Sheridan to better serve students.

5. Implement Learning Centre services that meet the distinct needs of our students.

  • Partner with faculty in developing curriculum-based learning.
  • Explore alternative tutoring models (e.g. online, embedded).
  • Utilize Sheridan students as tutors whenever appropriate.

6. Create spaces for research, study and collaboration

  • Provide spaces to support different kinds of learning.
  • Build sustainability into planning.
  • Incorporate creativity in design and function of spaces.

7. Foster academic integrity throughout the college

  • Help promote academic rigour.
  • Provide copyright expertise and guidance.
  • Influence institutional culture of integrity.

8. Adopt an entrepreneurial spirit in the provision of information services to the Sheridan Community

  • Utilize Library resources in the development and delivery of applied research projects.
  • Provide information services that mirror those adopted by industry.
  • Maximize Library expertise to enhance college initiatives.

9. Attract and retain information specialists prepared to develop and deliver 21st century library and learning services

  • Facilitate and support professional development.
  • Encourage initiative and new ideas.
  • Recognize excellence and commitment to students.