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Borrow from Another Library

Borrowing Outside of Sheridan

Visit Another College Library

Under the Direct Borrower's Agreement, Sheridan students, faculty and staff can borrow in-person from any Ontario College of Applied Arts.

Request an Inter-Library Loan

Members of the Sheridan community may also make a request via the Sheridan Library for an item be delivered to any Sheridan campus from another college for you. Requests usually take at least one week to deliver to the campus library of your choice.

  • Only Sheridan College students, faculty and staff may take part.
  • Any fees charged by the lending library are passed on to the borrower. We will attempt to obtain your loan at the lowest possible cost. Please indicate $ amount that you are willing to pay.
  • Inter-library loan is usually done by mail, so materials will take at least one week to arrive.
  • In accordance with Fair Dealing, materials provided through inter-library loan may only be used for research, private study, review, criticism or news reporting.

To request an inter-library loan, please fill out the form.


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