mobile navigation An academic strike continues to be in effect at all Ontario Colleges, including Sheridan,  however we are hopeful that the back-to-work legislation will be passed and finalized by Sunday, November 19. Should the legislation pass by November 19, we anticipate welcoming our faculty back to Sheridan on Monday, November 20 to prepare for students to return to classes on Tuesday, November 21. For more information please visit

FAQs and Resources

I need help with school I need advice I want to get involved
I need money I need help with Sheridan's Technology I need help with something else

How can I be successful in my classes?

I need a tutor for help in a subject area or specific class

I need help with research, citing sources, note taking, academic integrity, or using the library

I have a documented disability and need academic accommodations

I need information on grade requirements

I need information on plagiarism (cheating) or other academic policies

I want to know more about the Student Code of Conduct

I'd like tips to improve my time management and advice on studying for college tests and exams

I want to view my program requirements

I need to contact my Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor, or Instructor
(the name of your Program Coordinator is listed in your myStudent Centre)

Who can I talk to if I need advice?

I need to talk to someone about my grades, dropping classes, changing programs, etc.

I need to talk to someone about a personal concern that is impacting my studies

I have questions about international study and work permits, letters of attendance & more

I need to talk to someone about my job search

I need to talk to someone about exploring career options

I am a Status/Non-Status (or unsure) First Nations, Metis, or Inuit student looking for emotional, spiritual, academic or financial support.

How can I get involved at Sheridan?

I want to explore Sheridan's clubs, sports, and events and connect with my peer mentor

How can I afford my education?

I want to apply to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

I want to apply for a financial scholarship, award, or bursary

I need to find a job

Is there help for Sheridan's technology?

I want to access my Sheridan Email

I need help connecting to Sheridan’s network

I need help printing on campus

I need help resetting my Sheridan Username/Password

I need help with my laptop

I am looking for SLATE

I'd like help, but I don't know who to ask.

Visit Student Advisement for answers to all your Sheridan-related questions. We'll point you in the right direction!