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1. What programs participate in Co-op / Internship?

Currently, we have 35 co-op programs at Sheridan, with co-op students available from a range of programs including business, applied computing and engineering sciences.

2. How does the recruitment process work?

Our recruitment process at Sheridan is quite simple and requires only a small time commitment from you. To get things started, simply call us at 905-845-9430, ext. 2649, or email us at

3. Is there assistance to help us through this process?

We are here to help you! Our advisers and assistants at both campuses are committed to providing you with excellent service.

4. What are the costs for participating in co-op?

For students hired directly, there are no additional costs beyond salary. Sheridan does not charge any administration fees to post job descriptions, collect resumes or use our facilities for your interviews. Employers that take advantage of our Contract Services option to get the benefit of a co-op student on a contract basis are charged a 15% administrative fee.

5. How long are the work terms? When do they start?

Sheridan students are available for 4-month work terms year round, with work terms beginning in January, May and September.

6. What information should I include in my job description?

Your job description should include the following:

  • A descriptive job title, like "Junior Systems Administrator," "Human Resources Assistant," "Marketing Coordinator," or "Robotics Technician."
  • An overview of your company, department or team. Please include information that provides helpful details about duties and responsibilities, and any training the student will receive.
  • A brief description of the work environment; include information on items including corporate culture, normal work attire, etc.
  • The key skills and qualifications for which you are looking.
  • Any special requirements: shift work, frequent overtime, driver’s license, use of personal vehicle, etc.
  • Your location. Include other relevant information such as the closest major intersection, proximity to public transit routes, GO train, TTC, etc.
  • Number of hours per week and whether overtime is expected.

If you need some assistance in developing your job description, one of our Co-op Advisers can help.

7. When is the deadline to advertise a co-op job?

You can advertise co-op opportunities any time. The earlier in the semester you post your job, the more students are available. But it’s never too late – there are always students looking for jobs, even after the work term has started.

8. Where do I interview? Can I do phone or on-campus interviews?

You can interview students at your location, by phone or at either of Sheridan’s campuses – just let us know your preference.

9. Can I hire more than one student per work term?

Yes, you can hire as many students each term as you need. We have many qualified students available in a wide range of programs. With such a wide variety of skills, our students can benefit many departments within your company.

10. Can I contact students directly about interviews or job offers?

The Co-op Office is here to assist you through the process of interviewing and hiring students, which can be time-consuming. We’re happy to schedule and set up interviews and present job offers to the students on your behalf. If an offer is made to a student, generally we allow the student 48 hours to confirm.

11. What do I do once I’ve hired a student?

Once you’ve hired a student, you may want to discuss student and employer expectations, hours, training/orientation schedule, project assignments, etc. From our experience, we find it’s helpful for both parties to discuss some of these areas before the student’s first day on the job. The first day is always full of other new information and faces, which can be overwhelming for both student and employer.

12. What if I don’t have the budget to hire but would like to provide work experience anyway?

Obviously, most students prefer to earn money on their work terms to pay for their next academic semester, but there are always some students who are able to take a non-paying job opportunity. We can post a volunteer/unpaid opportunity to our students, as long as the experience is relevant to their program.

13. I’m not ready for co-op, but I have a full-time job to post that is only suitable for graduates. Is there any way you can help me?

Yes, your full-time opportunity can be posted through our Career Centre. Just email, or speak with one of our advisers for help reaching graduates.