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Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume is an advertisement for yourself. It should make an employer interested enough to want to interview you.

An effective resume will highlight what you have (education, skills, achievements, experience, etc.) that is relevant to what the employer needs.

An effective cover letter will offer a glimpse of you that is positive and relevant to the position and employer you are applying to. It should be brief and motivate the reader to look at your resume.

Share enough that the employer wants to interview you. Make it easy for them to pick you out from the crowd and you'll find yourself called to interviews more often.

Optimal Resume is the newest resource in our ongoing assistance to Sheridan students and Alumni.  It is a toolbox of resources, which include modules that explore preparing resumes, developing portfolios, and practicing interview techniques, to name a few. Log on to create your on-line account today using your Sheridan email address and access these resources  whenever you need them. Click the image on the right to access this tool.

 Optimal Resume

How the Career Centre can help?

An Employment Consultant can critique your resume or cover letter. It is not a drop-off service but rather an interactive consultation. You will need to develop a rough draft to show the Employment Consultant. If you can bring a sample job posting of the type of work you are seeking that will be helpful.

The Career Centre also has a wide range of reference books on resumes and cover letters as well as a collection of samples we have developed for various industries.

For more detail on this service/topic, see FAQs.

For additional resources check out many useful links in the online resources section.