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This course is designed to provide you the information and skills to prepare for you to manage your career--from securing a role to building your career. Consisting of a variety of modules, you will have the opportunity to explore content in a number of areas and complete assigned tasks for each module giving you hands-on experience in each of the subject areas.

 Module Topic
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 Course Overview
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 Skills Assessment

Evaluate what you've got to offer an employer

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 Developing Resumes

Create a great marketing tool

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 Preparing for Interviews

Shine through and set yourself apart.

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 Job Search Letters

It's the little extras that make a difference.

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A lasting exhibit of your skills, experience and achievements.

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 Personal Branding & Social Media

Manage your online public persona.

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 Web Sites

Showcase your value to employers in a multimedia format.

(this module under development - coming soon)

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 Career Management

Navigating the workplace for success.


Resources to help locate job opportunities:

  • jobs.Sheridan is our online service with job postings for students currently attending Sheridan and Alumni (part-time, summer, on-campus, full-time) 
  •  Join Magnet today: Empowering People and Communities by Automatically Matching the Right Opportunities with the Right Talent. Magnet is designed to accurately match people with the opportunities they both care about and are highly matched.
  • Glassdoor  An inside look at jobs and companies. Anonymous reviews and salary data from companies and interview candidates.
  • LinkedIn Jobs Leverage the world's largest professional network to connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network and get hired. LinkedIn Jobs surfaces insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.
  • LinkedIn offers a salary tool for students to research earning potential and help make more informed decisions when starting careers. It also helps to understand what you can do in order to increase earning potential whether that's through certifications, degrees or by location.
  •  Build your network one conversation at a time.
  • Discover Ability Network, funded by the Government, is an online platform which connects employers to persons with disabilities who are seeking employment. The platform hosts a variety of opportunities available for student internships, roles within the financial sector, and general labour opportunities. 
  • Canadian public access sites oriented to post-secondary students: 

    A selection of sites specifically oriented to jobs in and around the GTA: 

    Government : 

    • Federal (Public Service of Canada) 
    • Provincial (Ontario, with links to other provinces' job sites) 
    • Municipal (towns, cities & regional municipalities) 
    Major sites with job postings across Canada: 
    Some major sites with international job postings:
     Local Board of Trade and Chamber of Commerce directories provide a way to search for businesses. 
    Company research:

    Resources to help you GET HIRED

    Job Seeker's Handbook is an introductory guide to help you explore the tools used to find work, explore the skills used to find work (networking, information interviewing, and interview skills), identify ways to stay positive and handle rejection, and much more. Includes excellent examples of cover letters and resumes. PDF

    Advanced Techniques for Work Search
    expands on the Job Seeker's Handbook to help you identify employability skills, update work search tools and skills, focus your search for work, and find relevant labour market information. PDF

    Resumé Dilemmas's extensive collection of resumé-writing advice and suggestions, on almost any topic.

    Monster.comVirtual Interviews provides a rotating selection of questions, with possible answers for each. Make your choice then see comments on each possible response.

    Portfolio Library is a collection of resources and links on what a career portfolio is, why you should start making one before you leave school, and how to put it together and keep it up to date. Remember to keep your Sheridan Co-Curricular Record (CCR) up to date!

    Employability Skills Checklist allows you to rate yourself against the skills employers say are needed in today's workplace.

    Working abroad?
    Internships and volunteering:
    Government programs oriented to youth: