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There are several ways to find employment opportunities. A combination of approaches will often result in the most efficient job search.

Exclusive Job Listings are not accessible by the general public. Some employers prefer them because they get a more manageable and relevant response. 

Open-access Job Listings (newspapers & web sites) have thousands of active job postings but they are seen by more people so there is more competition. 

Resumé Posting allows you to post your resumé or skills/experience profile on a database which is searchable by employers. Some employers prefer this approach to find candidates rather than have hundreds respond to an ad. 

Networking is a lot more work than simply scanning posted jobs, but it is one of the most effective ways to get work... after all, three-quarters of jobs are never advertised and never posted. You need to locate potential employers and then use effective communication skills.
Find Job Opportunities 

How can the Career Centre help?

We can assist you at any stage of the educational planning process including help with:

The first step of your employment search is to assess yourself and define an employment goal--be clear on what type of position your are seeking. Consult with an Employment Advisor if you need assistance. 

Next, register on (and use!) our exclusive job posting database:
  • jobs.sheridan is our online service with job postings for  students currently attending Sheridan (e.g., part-time, summer, on-campus, etc.)

For interactive assistance with your job search strategies (especially the most important one--networking), consult with an Employment Consultant 

Sheridan is excited to join @MagnetToday and provide our students & alumni with connections to the right jobs.



Empowering People and Communities by Automatically Matching the Right Opportunities With the Right Talent MAGNET is designed to accurately match people with the opportunities they both care about and are highly matched to.


Individuals - We automatically deliver the opportunities that you care about and are a match for you. The number one priority at MAGNET is to help candidates make valuable connections quickly and easily. Your Identity is 100% private until you decide to release it to someone who represents value to you. Simply take 10-15 minutes to build a profile and new, valuable opportunities will be presented to you.


Always know your market value! Join MAGNET today!

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