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Find Job Opportunities

Job search strategies

There are many ways to find employment opportunities. A combination of these approaches will often result in the most efficient job search. Here are 6 job search strategies to explore:

  1. Networking is a lot more work than simply scanning posted jobs, but it is one of the most effective ways to get work as three-quarters of jobs are never advertised or posted. You can locate potential employers through websites, social media platforms, events, job fairs and more. Once you find the employers you can use effective communication skills to advertise your skills and abilities.
  2. LinkedIn is a great online professional networking site you can use to locate jobs, join relevant groups. find Alumni working in your industry and most importantly connect with employers in your field.
  3. Exclusive Job Listings are not accessible by the general public. Some employers prefer them because they get a more manageable and relevant response. Networking with others or connecting with employers directly could give you access to exclusive job listings.
  4. Open-access Job Listings (company websites and job search sites) have thousands of active job postings but they are seen by more people so there is more competition.
  5. Resume Posting allows you to post your skills/experience profile on a database which is searchable by employers. Some employers prefer this approach to find candidates rather than have hundreds respond to an ad.
  6. Job Alerts allow you to sign up to receive alerts on positions you may be interested in. Positions that become available based on your preferences can be emailed directly to you.

How can the Career Centre help?

We can assist you throughout your job search:

  1. Assess yourself and define an employment goal — be clear on what type of position you're seeking.
  2. Register for our job posting database. Jobs.Sheridan is our online job posting board for Sheridan students and alumni.
  3. See an Employment Consultant for in person support on your job search strategy.

Looking for more information? View Online Resources.

Frequently asked questions about finding employment

How soon should I start looking for work?

Most successful job seekers start their career exploration and employer research many months before they launch into their job search. For summer employment, you should start looking as early as December. Many of the government work programs start taking applications in January.

Where can I find job postings?

When employers call us looking for students and grads (whether full-time, part-time, summer, contract or volunteer work), we direct them to our job posting website: jobs.Sheridan. Once you've registered on this website, you'll have access to job postings not accessible by the general public.

Can I talk to someone about my job search?

There are Employment Consultants at all three of Sheridan's campuses that you can book an appointment with. Even if you're planning to get a job through networking, you should still be using the computer to find leads, research companies, and prepare for interviews.

How can I find out who’s hiring?

Some ways to find out who's hiring include viewing job search websites, company websites and social media pages and networking.

Do you have a list of employers I can contact?

One of the best ways to find potential employers is to use directories such as Scott's Canadian Business Directory (via Sheridan's library) and those in our online resources section.

How can I find a job on campus?

Most on-campus jobs within Sheridan are posted on jobs.Sheridan. Many Sheridan departments hire students through a government subsidy program called Work Study. In order to be hired through the Work Study program, you must be eligible for OSAP (although you don't necessarily need to be receiving OSAP currently). All of these jobs are listed, and the hiring is taken care of, through the Financial Aid & Awards Office on campus. You may also want to check with the Student Union and Food Services Manager (located in the Cafeteria).