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Find Work

Find Job Opportunities

There are many ways to find employment opportunities. A combination of approaches will often result in the most efficient job search.

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Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resumé is an "advertisement" for yourself. It should make an employer interested enough to want to interview you.

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Interviews and Portfolios

When an employer asks you to an interview they have probably decided that you (and the other people they are interviewing!) could do the job. Interviews allow the employer to decide who will do it best and fit in best to the work environment.

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Online Resources

Rather than an enormous list of links, below are the Career Centre's top picks for immediately useful resources to help you plan further education. We've tried to limit it to Canadian sites whenever possible. If you find a site more useful than one of these links, tell us about it

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Employment FAQs

These FAQs are intended as general information and do not replace professional advice. For additional guidance, consult with an consult with an Employment Advisor

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