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Co-Curricular Record

Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Program

Sheridan’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) program provides students with the opportunity to get involved in their community, make a difference, meet new people, and develop new skills and experiences that are valued by employers.

What is a co-curricular record?

Students have the opportunity to create a CCR record to document their out-of-classroom learning experiences while completing their academic studies. Students and alumni can use their CCR record, which is an official Sheridan document, to showcase their professional development to employers.  

Why should I invest the time to earn a co-curricular record?

Employers value out-of-classroom experiences and community involvement when hiring students and graduates, having a CCR record is concrete evidence of your motivation to take responsibility for your learning and professional development.

How can having co-curricular record give me an advantage?

A CCR record can also be used as supporting documentation for application packages for employment, for further post-secondary/graduate school and for scholarships and bursary applications.

To find out what co-curricular record opportunities are happening at Sheridan visit the CCR’s Opportunities Directory

Current Sheridan students: Login to Access Sheridan, select the link “MySheridanCo-Curricular”
Visit the public CCR website:
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