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Tameka Salmon

Tameka Salmon and Brittany Tapper lead class Supply Chain Management project planning session

Tameka Salmon knows how to multi-task. Besides being a student in Sheridan’s BBA Supply Chain Management program, Tameka is a wife and a mother to two young daughters.

“You learn how to manage your time, to block off time for your family, for your studies, and to make sure you’re using your time wisely,” Tameka says. “You do what you have to do to get things done.”

And Tameka gets things done. In addition to her family responsibilities and her studies, Tameka is actively engaged with the Pilon School of Business.

“I was on the BBA Student Committee. The Pilon School of Business wanted to ensure that students had the opportunity to weigh in on their new degree programs. I was invited by one of my professors to be on the committee. Probably because she could tell that I’ve got a lot of opinions, and I’m not afraid to voice them,” Tameka says with a laugh.

The Student Committee has since evolved into an ongoing Student Council, and Tameka was offered the role of VP, External.

“It’s a lot, doing this on top of everything else, but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity. It’s such a great way to gain experience, to build connections, to network.”

This isn’t Tameka’s first time at Sheridan. A few years ago, she was just short of earning her accounting diploma when a medical emergency required her to discontinue her studies. “I was pregnant at the time, and I was put on bed rest,” Tameka says. “I spent a few years being a mom, and when I was ready to come back to school, Sheridan was the logical choice.”

This time, Tameka enrolled in a new program that she says feels tailor-made for her. “I was looking for a program that was well-suited to my work experience and my various strengths, and supply chain management couldn’t be a better fit.”