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Opportunities rock

Opportunities rock

Crystal Bennett knows opportunity doesn’t just fall from trees. As a marketing student, she had to manufacture her own extracurricular pursuits. Now it’s her job to create them for all students in the Faculty of Business.

Back in her days as a marketing student at Sheridan, Crystal Bennett got tired of going to class ― and then going home. She yearned for ways to get more engaged outside the classroom.

Instead of making do, she made things happen. Crystal became a competitor in the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition, joined the Sheridan Student Union, got elected as its President ― even won a national award for student leadership.

“As a student, getting involved changed my entire experience at Sheridan,” she said. “It’s also a great way to make yourself attractive to employers.”

Crystal speaks from experience. Her initiative did more than enriched her Sheridan experience. It turned into a job. She is now the Manager of Student Engagement at the Faculty of Business (FoB). With strong support from Bill Holmes, the Dean at FoB, Crystal facilitates student involvement in activities such as case competitions, events, clubs and more.

Going into 2013, Crystal has helped start around ten clubs related to business (with more to come). Some key extracurricular initiatives created by FoB students and alumni include participation in the Ontario College of Marketing Competition; ENACTUS, a student-driven club focused on social entrepreneurship; The Toastmasters Club; and The Virox Forum, which invites top FoB students to a panel discussion with business leaders.

Crystal’s long-term plans include increasing the number of extracurricular opportunities available to students, in keeping with the Faculty of Business’ desire to emphasize out-of-class experiences as an important component of a well-grounded education.

“Getting involved outside of the classroom is key for students to enter the workforce as well rounded individuals,” Crystal explains. “These opportunities help students to build skills, grow their networks and apply what they learn in the classroom. Not to mention it’s also a lot of fun and a great way to meet incredible people.”