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Live. And learn

Live. And learn

Online learning is booming. And Sheridan is busy crafting opportunities to move your carer ahead without leaving the important things in your life behind.

What is fuelling the online learning explosion? For a vast majority of the 8,000 students who choose online courses at Sheridan’s Faculty of Continuing and Professional Education, online learning offers busy working professionals a robust education that allows them to keep on top of their current lives as they upgrade their career opportunities.

“Online learning is growing because it appeals to many of our learner’s lives,” said Dan Piedra, Associate Dean at Sheridan’s Open Learning Centre. “It affords folks an opportunity to fit education around their work and other life responsibilities.”

As with any technology-based endeavour, Sheridan is constantly working to evolve its offerings, make them more engaging and career-oriented, and offer new programs quickly to stay on top of the latest career trends.

In one recent example, Sheridan launched an online option to its Business Analysis Certificate, making it easier than ever before for individuals to pursue a career as a Business Analyst (BA) ― something that CNN has termed a growth career. Once an in-class only program, the BA Certificate is now also available online to bring this great learning opportunity to more working professionals.

“The program attracts many people who have previously worked in project management or programming, or who have long done BA work before it was formalized as a profession,” explained Jonathan Nituch, Program Coordinator for the BA certificate. “Having the option to complete their coursework online or attend evening and weekend classes eliminates the opportunity cost of taking time off work to advance their careers.”