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Great Undergraduate Teaching

Ben Leblanc

Ben Leblanc
Pilon School of Business
Student, BBA (Finance)

Coming from a bigger university with 350 students in a single, first-year class made Ben feel more like a number than a student. After taking some time away from school to figure out his next pursuits, he had something of an epiphany: he knew he wanted to study at a school where personal connection and devoted teaching were considered high priorities. He envisioned a school where students were seen not just as unidentifiable numbers in a crowded auditorium, but as individually valuable subjects, each with their own unique set of qualities and strengths.

This is what Ben experienced at Sheridan from the first moment he set foot on campus, and it has played a huge part in why he has thrived so much during his time here. In fact, Sheridan’s more intimate and connected environment inspired him to volunteer for the Sheridan Student Union, something he says he didn’t feel able to do at his previous school.

“I applied to a bunch of different BBA programs, but ultimately I decided that Sheridan was the best fit because of its dynamic atmosphere, small class sizes, co-op opportunities, and instructors who worked in the industry."

Ben says that one of the things that impressed him the most about Sheridan was their continuous desire to improve the student experience through tactful adaptation and change.

He got the chance to be a direct part of this change by speaking to a group of professors about professional development. He delivered tips and techniques to help professors enhance their teaching in the classroom, and to cultivate better student engagement. In one of his proudest moments at Sheridan, Ben saw the results of his talk in action. “I noticed a change in one of the professors I gave feedback to, and actually saw that he had implemented this feedback into his next lesson.”

Adds Ben: “Seeing my own suggestions be put into action is part of the reason that I love doing things like this because I can see the results happen.”