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Eclectic and electric

Eclectic and electric

What do flash mobs, bake sales and Santa Claus have in common? The effervescent Quan Luu, marketing student and founder of QT Events club at Sheridan.

Sometimes inspiration comes from interesting places. For Quan Luu, motivation for the QT Events club started as a way to leave an impression at Sheridan.

“I launched Sheridan’s successful first flash mob ― Psy’s Gangnam Style ― with a large group of loyal friends and individuals who shared my passion to leave a mark as HMC’s first graduates of 2014,” he said.

From there, the QT Events club was born. Together with his good friend Terence Thissaveerasingam, Quan and the QT Events crew have sponsored all kinds of frivolous fun at Sheridan: Movember campaigns, mini bake sales, Christmas Santa Claus photo shoot, HMC’s first "Suit and Tie" pub night at the Living Arts Center … anything strange and amusing.

“Through QT Events, we have been able to provide a stepping stone for future and current students to expand on their talents,” he noted.

This year, Quan and the QT Events gang has more in store, including Frosh Day/ Week, another pub night, Thriller flash mob, Movember launch and competitions, and more.

Together with his experience in Sheridan’s STARS program, and his time working for the Sheridan Student Union, Quan is getting as much from his Sheridan experience as he puts in.

“I am going into my final year of my three-year Advanced Diploma,” he said, “where I have been given this great opportunity to work in/on campus with wonderful staff and people and also meet a great group of friends that I now call family!”

QT Events is one of over fifty student-run clubs at Sheridan. Though each has its own focus, they all offer great opportunities for students to pursue their passions and meet lifelong friends.