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Drawing on desire

Drawing on desire

From rejected artist to big-time success, David Soren’s animation career reads a bit like a Hollywood movie. Now he’s made one of his own at Dreamworks.

David Soren knows a little something about being an underdog. Undaunted by his unsuccessful first application to Sheridan’s Animation program, he persevered and was accepted the following year. It didn’t take long for his extraordinary talent to shine through, with David rising quickly to the top of his class.

“I went to Sheridan because I wanted to tell stories ― and I wanted to do it through the medium of animation,” he said.

Shortly after graduation, Dreamworks came knocking, and David was only too happy to answer.

In his time there, the multi-talented David has worked as a storyboard artist on films such as The Road to Eldorado and Chicken Run, and as a writer on Shark Tale. In 2013 David proudly débuted his first feature film at Dreamworks, where he served as both writer and director. Turbo chronicles the story of a little snail who could. Tired of the slow monotony of the tomato patch, Turbo transforms a freak accident into a shot at realizing his biggest dream: to race for the win at the Indianapolis 500.

“Turbo is an underdog story. To help audiences develop an emotional investment, you need to create moments that allow them to root for your hero,” he said. “The great thing about having the writing credit is that it allowed me to influence who was selected to provide the voices for the film. From the outset when I was developing the characters, I knew that I wanted Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg and Samuel Jackson, and thankfully we got them.”

David may have reached the pinnacle of the animation world, but he hasn’t forgotten his Sheridan roots. On occasion, he sometimes returns to the school as a DreamWorks representative to help recruit other budding stars to the company.