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Big Student Life

Enrique Ponce

Enrique Ponce
Pilon School of Business
Student, BBA (Marketing)

When Enrique was researching programs, he heard a lot of good things about Sheridan’s student culture, and about the quality of social interaction and engagement on campus.

He praises his professors for facilitating and encouraging a connected campus life experience. “They do a good job of really integrating you into the Sheridan culture, and in connecting you with like-minded, level headed people.” This style of guidance and leadership from his professors enabled Enrique to quickly make a lot of good friends, and to begin to put himself out there, which is something that continued throughout his time at the school.

In what he describes as a key moment, he began to see the benefits of putting himself out there when a classmate convinced him to leave his comfort zone and join the Sheridan Toastmasters to improve his public speaking abilities. From here, one connection led to another, and Enrique all of a sudden found himself involved in many different groups on campus.

“This kind of had a trickle effect where I kept meeting like-minded people,” notes Enrique. “Eventually I met someone from the SSU, got intrigued about what he was doing, and now here I am in my second year working for the SSU as Executive VP, HMC (Hazel McCallion Campus).”

In his role with the SSU, Enrique has spearheaded some impressive campus social groups and projects. He worked with Tae Hwang (who transferred from the Trafalgar Road Campus) to start the Smash Stress social club, which has ended up being a huge success and hit at the campus. “For me personally, it was a very satisfying feeling,” Enrique says, “especially for international students who have trouble making friends, getting to use this club becomes an easy way to meet new people.”