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Programming and Events


Programming makes residence more than just a place to eat, sleep and study. Programs give students a chance to socialize and meet new people, achieve academic potential, have new experiences, be exposed to issues of diversity and acceptance, to grow personally, build a stronger community and most importantly to have fun while living on campus. As students spend the majority of their time outside of the classroom while living on a college campus, at residence, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that we are teaching students valuable life lessons and skills while staying with us.

Our programming model consists of six categories including:

  • academic success
  • wellness
  • citizenship
  • personal discovery and transition
  • diversity
  • and interpersonal/social skills
While programming, we focus on several goals including developing and fostering a strong residence community, provide our students with outlets to complement their education, promoting self-discovery and continued personal growth, creating opportunities for residents to participate in the community, providing opportunities for release of emotions and energy and providing opportunities for students to explore their social acquaintances and friendships. By programming according to these goals, we hope to provide our students will a balanced, well-rounded education while attending and living at Sheridan College.


Students can find out what events are going on each month by speaking to their RA’s, checking out the lobby calendars, taking a look in their inbox, or visiting us online. We encourage students to actively participate in as many events as they can to ensure they get the most out of their residence experience!