Complimentary Parking Request Form

Please complete the form below to request a dash pass for your guest. Requests should be made 48 hours prior to your guest's arrival.

Complimentary parking arrangements can be made for individuals involved in select activities such as:

  • Tours for first time visitors to Sheridan, booked through the Welcome Center
  • Interpreters and Computerized Note Takers assisting registered Sheridan Students (arranged through Accessible Learning)

Complimentary parking is not available for:

  • Vendors/Contractors/Consultants/Sales Representatives, etc.
  • General Visitors
  • Sheridan Employees
  • Students

To request for a dash pass for your visitor or for an upcoming event, please complete the form below. For groups, please attach a spreadsheet listing the required information.

Please note that dash passes issued to your guest are to be paid for by the hosting school or department.

Inquiries may be directed to