Complimentary Parking Request Form

Please complete the below form for complimentary parking requests. Requests should be made at least one business day prior to your guest's arrival.

Complimentary parking arrangements can be made for individuals involved in select activities such as:

  1. Program Advisory Committee members (contact to arrange)
  2. Personal Care Service Providers, Interpreters, and Computerized Note Takers assisting registered Sheridan students (arranged through Accessible Learning Services or Human Resources)
  3. Tours for first-time visitors to Sheridan, booked through the Welcome Centre

Requests for complimentary parking other than the above will be granted at the discretion of the Parking Office.

Event parking is also available.  Event parking allows the host to pay for guest parking.  For questions relating to event parking please contact

Complimentary parking is not available to/for:

  1. Vendors/Contractors/Consultants/Sales Representatives, etc.
  2. General Visitors
  3. Sheridan Employees
  4. Students

To apply for complimentary or event parking please complete the Complimentary Parking Request Form below. For groups, please attach a spreadsheet listing the required information.

Inquiries may be directed to