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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When can I rent a locker?
    Lockers are available for rent at the first week of each semester.

  2. How much does a locker cost and where can I rent one?
    Visit the locker procedure page to see the costs and the steps to get a locker.

  3. How do I find my locker?
    To make it easier for you to navigate, the confirmation e-mail will contain the campus, building, and floor. If you are having trouble finding your locker, contact or visit the Parking Office so that one of our staff can assist you.

  4. Can I change the location of my locker?
    Yes, if availability permits. You can transfer your locker once per semester and the request must be made through the Parking Office. View our contact information.

    Generally, transfers will not be granted for the first month of the semester.

  5. My locker is damaged and will not open. How can I get it repaired?
    In the event that you locker is unusable, please visit the Parking Office (TRA-BB19, HMC-B376, DAV- B237) or send us an e-mail ( The locker will be repaired, or you will be transferred to another locker if necessary.

  6. Can I get a refund for my locker if I am not using it?
    A refund will be processed only during the first 10 business days in which the locker rental fee was paid and if the locker has not been issued yet.

    Issued lockers are non-refundable.

  7. Can I keep my locker in the summer if I am returning next year?
    You can keep the same locker if you’ve paid in advance for the same locker.

  8. I forgot my locker combination/key. What should I do?
    Visit the Parking Office in person to request a locker cut.

    You will be required to sign the locker cut authorization form and visit the security office to meet with a security guard who will accompany you to your locker.

    Be sure to have your new combination lock with you upon visit!

  9. I think my locker has been broken into. What should I do?
    If you think your locker has been compromised, complete the online witness statement as soon as you can. Campus Security will connect with you if they require more information.

  10. My question is not listed here. How can I get more information?
    If you require more information or have any comments or concerns, contact Parking and Locker Services through e-mail ( or call 905-845-9430 (TRA- x2233, HMC- x4099, DAV- x4412).