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Locker Rentals

Sheridan is pleased to offer locker rentals to Sheridan students at all campuses on a first come, first served basis.

Locker Rental Fees (all campuses):

  • $15 – One semester (fall, winter or spring)
  • $25 – Two semesters (fall & winter or winter & spring)
  • $35 – Three semesters (offered fall through spring only)

Lockers will be available to rent online for the Winter semester beginning Thursday, January 3, 2019.

Locker Use Agreement Form (required for registering a locker)
Locker Use Regulations

FAQs: How Do I Get a Locker?

STEP 1: Purchase a Combination Lock

Purchase a combination lock from a retail store. Ensure the lock is good quality. Record the combination number somewhere for future reference. Record it again!

STEP 2: Print Locker Use Agreement Form

Print the Locker Use Agreement Form. The form is also available at the Parking Office at each campus (Trafalgar: BB19, Davis: B237, HMC: B376).

STEP 3: Payment

Go to to process your payment. You need your Sheridan User ID and password to log on. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted (some exclusions). Lockers are listed as types of 'permits' to purchase:

  • $15 – One semester (fall, winter, or spring/summer)
  • $25 – Two consecutive semesters (fall & winter, or winter & spring/summer)
  • $35 – Three consecutive semesters (offered fall through spring/summer only)

You will receive two receipts by e-mail. Print and take both receipts, your combination lock, and the Locker Use Agreement form to campus. Then, look for an available locker.

STEP 4: Select a Locker

Unoccupied (available) lockers at Sheridan are secured with a gold Master V-line lock when not in use.

Write down the locker numbers of 2-3 available lockers (your first, second and third choices). Unregistered lockers have a gold Master V-line lock.

Master v-line and combination locks

STEP 5: Register at Security Desk

Take the following to the Security Desk:

  1. Your onecard ID
  2. Your combination lock
  3. Both receipts (from and from
  4. Your Locker Use Agreement form
  5. Your locker choices

You will be provided a small numbered sticker to stick to the back of your combination lock. Security will accompany you to your locker to remove the gold Sheridan Master V-line lock so you can apply your combination lock. If Security cannot accompany you, you will receive a blue REGISTERED sticker to place on your registered locker and the Sheridan lock will be removed overnight.

Successful registration of your locker = your Sheridan ID number + Locker Number + Lock Sticker Number


Refunds (in full) are only offered during the first 5 days of the semester in which the locker rental was initiated. Lockers needs to be vacated in order for a refund to be processed.

Locker refunds are processed by the Parking Office.