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Locker Rentals


  • $15 – one semester (fall, winter, or spring)
  • $25 – two semesters (fall & winter or winter & spring)
  • $35 – three semesters (fall through spring)

Other Fees:

  • $25 – unauthorized locker occupancy fee

Locker Rental Process:

  • Step 1: Purchase a combination lock
    Purchase a combination lock from a retail store. Ensure that the lock is in good quality so it can securely lock your items in the locker. Don’t forget to record the combination number somewhere for future reference.

  • Step 2: Payment
    Go to to process your payment. You need your Sheridan username and password to login. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted (some exclusions apply) payment methods online.
    Lockers are listed as types of ‘permits’ to purchase.

  • Step 3: Select a locker
    Unoccupied (available) lockers at Sheridan are secured with a gold Master V-line lock when not in use.
    Write down the locker number of 2-3 (first, second, and third choices) available lockers of your choice. Note them down on your locker use agreement form.

  • Step 4: Locker Use Agreement Form
    Print and complete the Locker Use Agreement Form.
    The form is also available at the Parking Office located at Trafalgar, Davis, and HMC (TRA- BB19, HMC-B376, DAV-B237).

  • Step 5: Register your locker
    Take the following to the Parking Office:
    • Your oneCARD
    • Your combination lock (must be unlocked)
    • Your Locker Use Agreement Form (completed with your locker choices listed out)

*NEW* Drop off all three requirements at the Parking Office. A Parking Associate will assign a locker for you based on availability. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within 24 hours containing the locker number and the location (campus, building, and floor) of the locker that is assigned to you. Your combination lock will be used to secure your locker and you’ll be able to access it by using your unique locker code.

Your Sheridan oneCARD + Locker form + Combination Lock = Successful registration of your locker


Refunds (in full) are only offered during the first 10 days of the semester in which the locker rental was paid. A refund will be processed only if the locker has not been issued to the renter yet. Issued lockers are non-refundable.

Locker cuts

Locker cuts must be requested in-person at the Parking Office.

Check our locations and office hours.

Unauthorized Locker Usage

Any locker used without authorization will have its lock removed and valuable contents stored at the Parking Office for a maximum of 10 business days. After this time, all locker contents will be disposed of. Lockers are patrolled all-year-round. Payment will always be required when renting a locker.


  • Renters (students, employees, contractors) should not store any perishable, or valuable items in their locker.
  • Lockers should be secured with a suitable lock when not in use.