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Parking Regulations and Enforcement

Parking lots and grounds at all of Sheridan’s campuses are private property, with the exception of Hazel McCallion Campus where parking lots and grounds are the property of the City of Mississauga. All relevant and applicable regulations, provincial laws and municipal by-laws may be invoked by Sheridan College at each of its properties in Oakville and Brampton or by the City of Mississauga at any time for the purpose of preventing unauthorized parking and ensuring access to fire routes (this includes towing and wheel clamping). Sheridan (and the City of Mississauga at Hazel McCallion Campus) reserves the right to control parking and traffic on campus, to prohibit access to any vehicle or driver and to restrict parking at any time for emergencies, events, construction or other purposes. In such instances every attempt will be made to provide alternative parking and where possible, advance notice will be given.

Parking and Traffic Regulations for Sheridan College are established under the authority of the Executive Committee to encourage the safe, orderly, and equitable use of the limited number of parking spaces and designated accessible parking spaces available to students, staff, faculty, and visitors on campus. All persons illegally parked on Sheridan’s properties will be responsible for paying any tickets issued to their vehicle whether physically present or not (i.e. due to mischief, weather, etc.).

All vehicles parked on College property Monday through Friday, day and evening, must properly display a valid parking permit. A variety of permits are available for sale. It is the driver’s responsibility to display the permit in such a manner that the date, time and serial number of the permit is clearly visible from outside the car.

The issuance of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space, or a space in any particular lot. It constitutes a license to park on campus in a clearly defined legal parking space.

Sheridan Campus Security conducts enforcement on Sheridan College property at Trafalgar Campus and Davis Campus. The City of Mississauga By-law Officers conduct enforcement at Hazel McCallion Campus.

Sheridan is not responsible for any loss, personal injuries or damages to motor vehicles, including vehicle contents, however caused. Nevertheless, any such losses and/or damages or injuries to persons must be reported to Campus Security as soon as possible after the event.