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Shuttle FAQs

Shuttle FAQs

  • How much will it cost to use the shuttle?

    A one-way ride costs $5.00 + HST. Monthly passes offering unlimited ridership cost $50.00 + HST. The shuttle does not accept cash fares. All transactions will run through the onecard. Paper tickets for visitors to Sheridan, can be purchased at the Bookstore or Parking office. You will be required to have your onecard to purchase these tickets at the retail locations.

    To load money on to your onecard, please log onto your OneWeb account.

  • How can I purchase shuttle passes?

    Purchasing a Sheridan Shuttle Pass can be done by accessing the oneweb site 24 hours a day!

    1. Visit
    2. Login using your Sheridan username and password (same as Access Sheridan).
    3. First add funds to your onecard flex account, under the "Add Cash" tab.
    4. Go to the "Purchase" tab, click "Events" and select the Shuttle Pass you would like to purchase.
    5. Select "Pay Event" to complete the purchase.
    6. A receipt will be displayed as a confirmation that the purchase was successful. A copy will also be emailed to your Sheridan email address, if you require proof of purchase.

    For more detailed instructions, please refer to our guide.

  • Who can ride the shuttle?

    The shuttle is available for students and employees (through use of the onecard) and may be used by visitors and guests (through use of paper tickets, available at the Bookstore and Parking offices at Trafalgar and Davis Campus).

  • Will the shuttle bus be accessible for people with disabilities?

    Yes, the bus has a lift installed, to assist passengers with mobility devices, such as manual and power wheelchairs and scooters, with entry to and exit from the shuttle.

    In the event that a Sheridan Shuttle bus is temporarily replaced by another shuttle, passengers that require accessible transportation between the Trafalgar and Davis campus may call the following number to request a wheelchair accessible taxi:

    AAA Halton Taxi Service: 905-844-4300 and quote account number S1012.

    Please note:

    • Passengers must provide their Sheridan onecard to the driver to qualify for this complimentary service (name, student/employee number, time and date will be recorded)
    • This service is only available during this temporary shuttle replacement; therefore, once the regular Sheridan Shuttle bus is back in service, this taxi service is no longer available
    • This service is not provided for delays in service (due to traffic, construction or weather, etc.) or if the accessible seating is occupied by another passenger with accessibility needs.
  • Why is there only service between Davis and Trafalgar?

    Given that travel by public transit to our HMC Campus from Davis or Trafalgar Campus is frequent and affordable, this pilot will be limited to a direct run that goes back and forth between our Davis and Trafalgar Campuses. Current travel between Davis and Trafalgar requires the use of two different municipal transit services, making it costlier and time consuming. As the two campuses with student residences and the largest number of classes, better connecting Trafalgar and Davis is our top priority.

    If you require additional transportation options, please visit the following websites:

  • How will the shuttle benefit me/Why should I use the shuttle?

    The cost to travel between Davis and Trafalgar Campus using municipal transit is $9.65 each way, for a 90-minute ride involving two different transit companies. Using the Sheridan shuttle, the trip will take 45-60 minutes (depending on traffic) and will cost $5.00 + HST each way, with no need to switch buses. The shuttle is a purely optional service.

  • Will you be adding more shuttle routes?

    The new Sheridan shuttle service will run as a direct route, between the Trafalgar and Davis Campuses, on a four-month trial basis. Should sufficient demand exist, the trial will be extended until April 30, 2020, using the same, single route. Given that travel to and from our HMC Campus by public transit is frequent and affordable, this pilot will be limited to a direct run between our Davis and Trafalgar Campuses.

  • How do I travel to and from HMC?

    Travel to HMC Campus in Mississauga from Davis and Trafalgar is serviced by Oakville Transit, Brampton Transit and Mi-Way. Please check their sites for current schedules and fares.

    If you require additional transportation options, please visit the following websites:

  • Are there discounts available for municipal/public transit services?

    Sheridan’s municipal transit providers include GO Transit, Mi-Way, Brampton Transit, Oakville Transit and ZUM. Please visit the relevant transit provider webpages to learn of any discounts that may be available.

    If you require additional transportation options, please visit the following websites:

  • Why can’t we have the UPass that was promised in the referendum?

    In January 2019, the provincial government announced the Student Choice Initiative, which restricts what types of ancillary fees may be deemed mandatory and enables students to choose which non-compulsory student fees they want to pay. On April 1, it was made clear that Sheridan could not uphold the results of the referendum and adopt the U-Pass as a compulsory ancillary fee, as the institution did not meet the required timelines to have signed contracts with municipal transit providers to deliver the service.

  • How can Sheridan offer the shuttle when students get to decide where to spend their student fees?

    The shuttle is a purely optional service that is paid for by users on a fee-for-service basis. No student fees are being collected to fund the service.