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Why Give

When you support Sheridan, you contribute directly to the creative, purposeful learning of the next generation of students, thinkers and leaders in your community. Sheridan College is dedicated to delivering an exceptional applied learning experience to our students that will ensure graduate success. Whether you are helping to support students in various programs or helping to build the foundation in which the programs reside, you are making an impact on our students’ success.

Our Vision and Journey

Our vision is to become an undergraduate teaching university, notable for our creativity-infused programming and applied research that sparks innovation for our business and industry partners.  Our degree graduates will be eligible for post-graduate study in this province. We will continue to offer two-and three-year diplomas which prepare students with job-ready skills. All of our programming will retain a strong applied focus tied to the needs of business and industry.

Our Students

Year after year, students struggle to meet their rising educational expenses.  Over 70% of students seek financial assistance. Government contribution provides less than half of Sheridan’s required funding.

Investments from our partners, supporters, alumni, and friends in the community impact our 18,000 full-time students directly through scholarships, bursaries and awards.  Your donation helps Sheridan enhance and grow our programming and build the capital infrastructure needed to provide a premier education.

When you make a gift to Sheridan you are ensuring that our students have access to the resources that give them the best education possible.

Get Creative Campaign supporting Hazel McCallion Campus (HMC) expansion

Help us build a better future. Your generous gift, in support of our HMC expansion, will empower thousands of people each year to access the kind of education that can enrich their lives and the world around them. Together, we’ll create a lasting legacy for learning, discovery, innovation and creativity.