Corus Entertainment

Corus's most recent contribution to the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design is supporting projects which exemplify Sheridan’s Creative Campus philosophy. Currently underway is the Sheridan Theatrical Animation Project (STAP). It’s an experiment in interdisciplinary creative expression in which animation students in collaboration with composers Neil Bartram and Brian Hall are fully animating the musical tale of Senza Luce. Once completed, Sheridan Music Theatre Performance students will perform the animated song and bring it to the stage as part of the Canadian Music Theatre Project (CMTP).

Corus has made a powerful imprint on the Sheridan community with a history of giving that spans more than a decade. Corus's helping to develop future animators capable of navigating the constantly changing technology landscape with innovative thinking, creativity, solid story-telling skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Corus’s investment in Sheridan's Animation Centre, in our students through scholarships and academic awards and in our signature events, has immeasurably shaped Sheridan and added to our reputation as Canada’s largest arts school and a leading postsecondary institution.

The CMTP is Canada's first incubator for the development of new musicals by Canadian and international composers, lyricists and book-writers.