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BLACKS Career Conversation Series: Diversity at the Top - Leading with Purpose

Date: Oct. 14, 2021

Time: 6:00 p.m.7:00 p.m.

Location: Online

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Black Leadership, Ambition, Collective Knowledge and Success (BLACKS) is a Career Conversation Series in partnership with Black Mentorship Inc. (BMI), Sheridan's Career-Integrated Learning services, Student Affairs and the Alumni Relations team. Students will hear from Sheridan alumni who are successful Black professionals about their experiences and success stories, get career advice, and learn how they were able to overcome obstacles throughout their journey.

Join us on Thursday, October 14th for a panel discussion called Diversity at the Top – Leading with Purpose. Hear from our panelists who are not only leaders within their industry, but leaders within their community. The panel will offer insights on how to lead with purpose in order to help make a better workplace for tomorrow’s leaders. It’s important to remember that race not only still matters in the workplace, but it remains a powerful barrier that prevents African Americans for ascending to leadership (Forbes, 2020). As tomorrow’s leaders we need to learn how we can lead with purpose and pivot towards a new norm.

Date: Thursday, October 14, 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Online, Hopin
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Evangeline Chima

Evangeline Chima

Evangeline Chima is the founder of Black Mentorship Inc. BMI – an organization dedicated to fostering the professional growth and personal expansion of Black professionals through education, mentorship and skills building. BMI was born out of her personal experiences with systemic racism and bias as a Black professional woman in Canada. Despite having a master's degree in Information Technology Services, diplomas in Computer Network, Project Management, and Business Analysis – along with numerous professional certifications and her work ethics and commitment, she could not reach her professional aspirations.

Out of these experiences and with the recognition that Black professionals are underrepresented across industries and underrepresented in leadership roles, Evangeline created Black Mentorship Inc – (BMI) to inspire, support, and mentor Black professionals to fulfill their potential, build community, and promote change.

Evangeline created a framework to ensure every Black person has an opportunity to reach personal & professional empowerment through mentorship, education, and skills building.

Evangeline provides consultation to Sheridan College executives and academic leadership teams on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion through the BLACKS (Black Leadership, Ambition, Collective Knowledge and Success) initiative. This past summer, she provided mentorship to 16 Sheridan students through Sheridan College's Virtual Internship Program (VIP) – Innovation accelerator stream.

She encourages communities and organizations to imbed Equity and Inclusion within their change planning to create a safe, inclusive workplace. Through her work, Evangeline offers students from diverse communities internship opportunities via the Black Mentorship Inc. platform.

Evangeline sits on the Learning Disabilities Association of Halton-Hamilton Board, the Halton Equity Diversity Roundtable, HIEC Partnership Advisory Table, and participates in many strategic planning and program development roundtables – promoting change and building safe, inclusive and equitable communities.

Evangeline has been named one of the Black women to watch, and she is nominated for the Women of Inspiration Award. Her dream is to see every Black professional propel and reach their full potential. She is also a devoted wife & mother of four boys!


Ryan Knight

Accounting, 2012

Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight is the inaugural inductee into the Pilon School of Business Hall of Fame in the Recent Graduate category. He has distinguished himself with his tireless efforts to promote equity and remove historical barriers faced by Black business owners. He is the President and Co-Founder of the Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN), created in 2018 as a response to his own experience of looking for support and networking. The ACBN works to unify and educate Black entrepreneurs in its network of more than 3,000 businesses, and in early 2021 began working on a research partnership with the Pilon School of Business to identify the needs of Black entrepreneurs and develop recommendations and resources to help build their business capacity.

“As a community, we face invisibility in currently available data,” Knight says. “Race-based data has not been historically collected, therefore, the actual reality that many entrepreneurs face in the Black community is not adequately reflected.”

Knight is also passionate about the need to provide youth with the skills they require to succeed as entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Detailing Knights, a mobile auto-cleaning company that gives young students the chance to run a franchise for the summer. He is also a social enterprise coach for the Youth Entrepreneurs’ Innovation Space, and acts as a leader at Empowered 4X, a business accelerator targeted at supporting start-ups from traditionally underrepresented communities. He is a volunteer board member for the Peel Learning Foundation, which assists families living in poverty, and a board member of Social Economy Through Social Inclusion. Knight was the winner of the Brampton Board of Trade Business Excellence Award in 2019.

A 2013 recipient of the Emerging Entrepreneur Award from the Toronto Board of Trade, Knight was named to the Brampton Board of Trade’s Top 40 Under 40 list in 2017.

Tanya Sinclair

Human Resources, 2014

Tanya Sinclair

Tanya Sinclair is an award-winning human resources leader providing strategy, advocacy, and policy development advice with a focus on diversity and inclusion to corporations and the community. Tanya completed her HR education at Sheridan College and now holds the Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE) designation along with the Distinguished HR Professional DHRP. Tanya has a master of arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Royal Roads University. Tanya is currently the Director, Talent Management at Ryerson University. In 2020, she founded a not-for-profit network called Black Human Resources Professionals of Canada through her desire to directly discover, connect and empower all Black HR professionals. Tanya’s leadership philosophy is lead, learn, laugh.

Faith Tull

Marketing, 1988

Faith Tull

Faith Tull is a highly accomplished global human resources leader who inspires and motivates others to aim for success through resilience and determination. Currently a consultant and a York University instructor, as well as a member of the Pilon School of Business BBA Program Advisory Council, Tull has blazed a trail across the HR landscape, having held top leadership positions in blue chip companies in a variety of industries. Faith is this year’s inductee into the Pilon School of Business Hall of Fame that celebrates alumni who have had a long, successful career. She has held leadership roles in human resources at Intelex Technologies, ULC/Industrial Scientific Corp., Randstad Canada, and First Canadian Title. She also made significant contributions in her roles at Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline and Husky Injection Molding.

Tull started her life in Canada as a 10-year-old new immigrant from Jamaica, who struggled to keep up with others at school and had to be put back a grade level. She says she spent the next decade of her life trying to catch up with her peers, but never gave up. She remained steadfast in her pursuit of education and earned her Business Administration Marketing diploma at Sheridan in 1988. She received her bachelor of arts degree in Industrial/Labour Relations at the University of Toronto in 1995, and then went on to get a certificate in Adult Education at OISE (U of T). In 2011, she completed her Master of Human Resources Management from York University – 23 years after she received her Sheridan diploma.

Named one of Canada’s 23 Top Black Canadians to Watch in 2016, Tull is a role model for Sheridan’s students. She strongly believes that it is imperative for human resources strategies to be closely aligned with the priorities of business. “My view is that all functions are charged with a specific mandate, each different from the other but none more important than the other. The people strategy permeates throughout the entire business life cycle. Once HR professionals appreciate this, they will continue to be invited to the table,” she says.

Passionate about giving back, Tull also provides mentorship and coaching to aspiring and seasoned business professionals. She also volunteers with multiple organizations in the Black community.

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Black Mentorship Inc. strengthens Black People leadership by providing access and training to increase awareness, self-esteem, confidence and communication to navigate problem solving for all ages. By providing young Black People with leaders who have walked in their shoes and who they can relate to, we give them the courage and exposure to develop their potentials.

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