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Previous and Current Employers

Fostering meaningful relationships is our top priority. Find out what companies are saying about Sheridan Talent.


“We’ve welcomed many Sheridan students and graduates onto our teams at RBC because of their proven skills and fresh perspectives. We want and need their ideas, forward-thinking mindset, and digital skills to continue succeeding.”

Acclaim Health

“Sheridan students are knowledgeable, prepared, and have become valued members of our team as we work towards extraordinary community care.”

K Paul Architects

“K Paul Architect Inc. has proudly partnered with Sheridan College for over 25 years, providing co-op placements and full-time employment to many individuals that have progressed onto successful careers within the company.”


“The flexible timeline of their co-op term has given us the opportunity to collaborate with these students long-term and allow them to fully integrate into our teams.”


“Over many years, Olymel has had the pleasure of working with Sheridan’s Co-op faculty and students. Sheridan’s students have brought great ideas to Olymel and we have always considered them a great asset to our team.”


“The staff in the Career-Integrated Learning office work tirelessly to provide opportunities for their students and the talented students impress us with their skills.”


“The staff are passionate, and they take pride in the students they prepare for key co-op or career roles. The students show a great sense of skills and knowledge, manage to fit into the production pipeline within a few weeks and have brought fresh perspectives to our teams.”

Brampton Brick

“Since a majority of the Technical Services department originated from the Sheridan co-op program, we are strong supporters of hiring Sheridan students! Sheridan students bring a creative and fresh take each time they join us or return for another term.”

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