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Recruit on Campus

Recruit on CampusIf you are an employer with a recruitment campaign, ongoing hiring, multiple positions, or a variety of opportunities within your company, our on-campus recruitment options will provide you visibility among students.

On-campus recruiting offers you the opportunity to speak with them interactively with candidates rather than simply posting jobs and reviewing resumés.


Employers-on-Campus series - we will provide you with a table or a space to set up your corporate display on-campus. This opportunity allows you maximum visibility with a broad cross-section of the student body, and is great for promoting part-time and seasonal employment opportunities, as well situations where there are several full-time positions that may appeal to students from a variety of programs.

Recruitment Information Sessions - we offer you the ability to make a group presentation on your company and its career opportunities, including the use of audio-visual equipment if required. This opportunity is a good option to connect with a specific group of students (e.g., graduating year business-marketing program) who can be specifically invited to your session. We like to book these in consultation with staff in the academic program you are targeting to make it most likely that students will be able to attend.

With either option, The Career Centre will provide you with space and will publicize your visit through whiteboards around campus and, in some cases, by direct email to students.

For more details, or to arrange your on-campus recruiting activities, contact our Employment Development Specialist, Sandra Yu, part of our Employer Services Team.
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