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Sarah Mercey

Sarah Mercey

Degree: Classical Animation

Year of graduation: 1997

Career Without Borders

Sarah has worked as an animator for the U.S. powerhouse studios, Disney, Pixar and BlueSky (Fox Animation). Some of her credits include the worldwide hit films Ratatouille, WALL-E, Toy Story 3, and Lilo & Stitch. But a quintessentially Canadian story has proven to be especially sweet for the animation graduate.

Sarah co-directed and co-wrote the television special called The Magic Hockey Skates which won a 2014 Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction in an Animated Program or Series. Her co-director, Jason (Jay) Boose (Classical Animation, 1995) also happens to be her husband.

“After spending most of our careers in the U.S., Jay and I have always wanted to come back home to make films. To be honoured in Canada for a hockey Christmas special that aired on the CBC was truly a lovely homecoming,” says Sarah, who is now based in Montreal.

“I returned to Canada mainly to carve my own artistic path,” says Sarah, who opened Merceyful Productions in January 2013. “It was a tough decision - I gained so much from countless talented artists - but I am so happy to have made the move.” With so many film and television projects on the go to date, Sarah says she “will have to live to be 400 years old to finish them.”

Relocating is easier than ever, Sarah believes, as technology has allowed artists to produce high quality work from anywhere in the world and remain engaged with the best talent in the industry.

“It pains me to see artists taking one eye off their amazing work in Canada or Europe and looking toward the ‘California dream’ when many are, in fact, already living the dream,” Sarah says. “It is a thrilling time to be in the Canadian animation industry. We could be world leaders in this field; we just need to invest in ourselves.”

Growing up in the small town of Elmira, Ontario, Sarah was in high school when she realized that she could learn to animate characters on film. “That news blew my mind and led me to Sheridan.” And to Jay. A highly skilled artist in his own right, Jay is Supervising Animator for Montreal’s Mikros Images.

In what she jokingly refers to as a highly romantic encounter, Sarah met Jay - then in his third year - on an Oakville bus during her first year in the Classical Animation program. In 1997, they were married, and hired soon after by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The couple has been working and playing together ever since.

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