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Ryan Heaney

Ryan Heaney

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
Year of Graduation: 2002
Program: Art Fundamentals

Creative Accomplishments

Career Details

I entered the Art Fundamentals program for a general overview of fine arts because I was unsure as to which direction I wanted to go in the arts field. This program gave me a great base to make a decision on the direction of my career. I enjoyed everything I did in the program but what stood out the most to me was the 2D-design course, this along with the rest of my arts background led me to pursue a career in Graphic Design.

I continued my education at George Brown College and majored in advertising and corporate branding in the Graphic Design program. I spent three years there studying design and finishing the course on the Dean’s list and part of the few selected individuals to display their thesis projects at the end of program gala.

Since then I landed a graphic design position at Synergex Corporation. I work in the Creative Services department and the main core of what we do is production work. In this production work we create the bilingual packaging for video games to be able to be sold in Canada. We receive the artwork from the publishers (Atari, Lucas Arts, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, etc.) and with the translated copy from our translators we re-layout the text in French, print and attach the new pieces to the original English packaging. Along with this production work we do a number of creative design pieces. These include, brochures, branding, annual reports, POP materials and a number of other services.

To keep true to my own views and style in art I still enjoy creating various pieces outside of the work environment for personal and professional use including design, painting, drawing and digital media projects.

Personal/Professional Accomplishments

My professional accomplishments are graduating in the top part of my class in college, being displayed at the end of program thesis gala and getting a job in my chosen field with many advanced responsibilities, including layout and design work and managerial tasks within my department all within the year that I have been employed at Synergex.

My personal accomplishments include continuing on with my own art, which is ever expanding the more I learn about new avenues within it. Also included in what I believe to be an important accomplishment in my life is being engaged to a wonderful woman, who I am to marry in the summer of 2008. Lastly, in my own personal accomplishments, have been staying true to my goals and continuing on with what I love to do is an ongoing accomplishment I have set for myself.

A Faculty Member Who Made an Impact

I believe the best instructor I had at Sheridan was Bruce Thomson. He had very open views on learning and made every class fun. We learned so much from the course material to the tricks of the trade. He also came for a drink with us at the Cage after every class! He is a good guy all around.

Advice for a Sheridan Student

Sheridan is a wonderful place to learn about the tools you need to succeed in your career. It provides so many opportunities within it and provides you so many opportunities outside of it. Stick with it; it will be worth it.

Current Occupation: Graphic Design, Synergex Corporation