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Alumni Profiles

Robert Golabek

Robert Golabek

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 2000
Program: Computer Programmer

Believing in Yourself

I’m a CEO/Lead Architect of a start-up company that I created two years ago called Translucent Computing. We provide consulting services in mobile and web development with a particular expertise in the Android device market. Our clients include The Hospital for Sick Children, Mosaic, AT&T, Rogers and Samsung.

My lifelong interest in computers and building led me to the field of software architecture. After experiencing some success with a few “home-brewed” websites in the early days of the internet, I decided to advance my career by studying at Sheridan. Sheridan was one of the first schools to offer a laptop with the program. This was revolutionary in the way that it kept everyone connected, both in and out of class.

Shortly after graduating and getting my first job I realized that I wanted to not only develop, but to design the software. As a computer programmer for the Hospital for Sick Children, I was both overwhelmed by the size of the organization and the level of technology available, and very gratified to know that the work we were doing was benefitting kids in some way.

After about five years with the Hospital for Sick Children I joined accounting and finance software company Metavante Lending Solutions as Tech Lead and Java Developer for an on-shore off-shore team.

With almost a decade of experience behind me, I struck out on my own. Although I try to do as much hands-on tech work as I can, the day to day operations of the business sometimes get in the way. Confidence in both my technical and business skills were fostered back when I was a student at Sheridan. Coming into college, I was a very shy guy with no direction. Over the years, those meaningful interactions with teachers and my peers led me to a point where I was able to believe in myself and my skills, so I could go out and get that first job and start building my career.