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Alumni Profiles

Raheel Rubair

Raheel Rubair

Faculty of Applied Science & Technology
Year of Graduation: 2006
Program: Computer Programmer

In the Game

I chose a career that best suited my abilities and my desire to enter the workforce. Programming is something that I knew I could do for both fun and work. It is rigorous training for the mind to come up with ideas and the logic behind a program. There were obstacles to overcome due to the complexity of learning advanced programming methods but with the help of the faculty at Sheridan, they were easily taken care of.

I work at Mixto –– a plastic card conception and production company. The people here understand the enthusiasm I have for challenges and the need to expand my area of expertise. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been recognized for my programming skills and graphic design. Hopefully I will learn many more skills to become better at what I do.

Sheridan was definitely a good choice. From times spent playing games in C-hall with my friends or rushing to finish our last bit of code to meet deadlines, every moment is cherished. The most fun that we had was in Professor Nagwa’s class. She would give us the freedom to make our own programs with very little, but important, guidelines to follow. We would compete with the other groups and (see who could) make the best program. Sheridan keeps the students motivated in what they already love doing.

Sheridan also had an exchange with Japan’s Osaka Electro University in game designing; I had the pleasure of participating. This program opened up new cultures and resources, and provided an abundance of amazing people who are now wonderful friends. It was a magnificent experience and bright future prospects are now open for me due to this.

Current Occupation: Computer Programmer, Mixto