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Alumni Profiles

Meghan McKenna

Meghan McKenna

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
Year of Graduation: 2007
Program: Visual Merchandising Arts

Growing With the Joe Fresh Line

Meghan McKenna has worked for Joseph Mimran and Associates since graduation. She provides technical and merchandising support for the display of Joe Fresh children’s merchandise in stores throughout Canada. The Joe Fresh line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children is available at over 300 locations, including Real Canadian Superstores and 10 stand-alone stores, all owned by Loblaws.

Meghan works with software that allows her to recreate the Joe Fresh stores virtually, so she can provide the latest merchandising display guidelines which are sent to all locations on a monthly basis. As part of the “kid’s team”, she also visits stores, helping to implement the newest merchandising displays and train staff on the Joe Fresh branding standards.

The time management and communications skills Meghan learned at Sheridan were put to good use almost immediately when she hit the workforce.

“Sheridan’s program was very project-oriented which helped immensely in learning to work within timelines, a crucial component of my position now,” Meghan recalls. Class presentations and group work allowed her to build confidence in communicating with a large team of colleagues, which is also part of her job.

All of which served to help Meghan define and promote her image. “In the end you’re selling yourself. When I graduated, our class hosted a trade show with booths where we showcased ourselves. The experience really helped me develop a better idea of what I can offer to employers.”

Connecting with as many people as you can is the best way to spread the word about your skills and start to build a successful career, says Meghan, a lesson she learned from her mother, Jane McKenna, an MPP for Burlington, Ontario.

“My mom is a huge networker; she is always encouraging me to put myself out there which has really helped me,” says Meghan, who advises new grads to bring their resume to a professional in their field, even if that person or company is not hiring.

In fact, this was how Meghan found her current position. A professional visual merchandiser whom she contacted for career advice put Meghan in touch with someone at Joe Fresh, who, as luck would have it, was hiring.

Although it takes confidence to market yourself before and after you get that job, you should “know your strengths and be willing to improve on your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know the answers,” adds Meghan.

And of course, keep learning. “Over the years at Joe Fresh, every time an opportunity comes up to learn something new, I try and take it,” says Meghan who started with the company just as the Joe Fresh children’s division was about to launch. “I like to think that I’ve grown with the line.”