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Alumni Profiles

Meghan Hall

Meghan Hall

Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design
Year of Graduation: 2007
Program: Photography

Meghan Hall followed her true passion in 2005. She left her marketing and communications job and began a two-year stint at Sheridan. “I always took pictures of course, and travelled quite a lot, which is, I think, where most people probably find their love of photography.”

Meghan chose Sheridan because the Applied Photography program was focused on commercial photography, as opposed to the arts. “They were teaching exactly what I wanted to do.”

Meghan’s work involves a mix of décor/architecture photography and portraiture. With her portrait photography, she enjoys “getting people to be who they are.” Even with corporate shoots, where the photos are all a similar style, she tries to showcase the personality of each individual subject.

A significant lesson Meghan learned at Sheridan is to be organized. “The more organized you are at the beginning, the better the end result is,” she says, adding that school is an ideal place to deal with that learning curve, rather than when with a client.

Meghan really appreciated the practicality of her Sheridan classes, many of which were taught by working photographers. Though the program has changed since Meghan took it, now offering students a four-year Bachelor’s Degree, she still has a piece of advice for new graduates. “Be flexible – say yes to what people ask you to photograph, regardless of what it is, to gain a wide range of experience For example, agree to photograph a wedding even if you don’t want to do that in your career.”

Meghan sees the photography field becoming more diverse as professionals expanding their skill set to meet market demands. Gone are the days where photographers can do one thing really well, says Meghan, who is considering branching out into video, based on the number of requests she has received for this service.

See Meghan’s work here: