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Joe Henry

Joe Henry

Faculty of Applied Health & Community Studies
Year of Graduation: 2001
Program: Educational Support - Diploma

Helping Others

Since graduating from the Educational Assistant Post–Graduate Certificate Program in 2001, I have had a number of great opportunities open up to me. 

“Educationally speaking, in 2002, I completed my Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) in Adult Education from Brock University and then went on to complete a Master of Education (M. Ed) in Adult Education and Community Development at OISE/UT in 2006. 

“Professionally, I have had held a number of very interesting positions related to the fields of disability services and education. This includes recent positions as Disability Services Advisor at Sheridan and Accessibility Coordinator at Brock University. Currently, I am leading the review and assessment of the Peer Mentor Program at Sheridan. I am also teaching part-time in the Educational Assistant Program through Continuing Education and facilitating courses in the Brock University Adult Education Program. 

“In February 2005, as result of my work at Sheridan and with people with disabilities, I was honoured with a nomination from Sheridan for a Premier’s Award in the recent graduate category. 

“Dr. Diane Galambos, Program Coordinator of the Educational Assistant Program has played an integral role in my development. Without her advice and mentorship, I could not possibly have attained my goals. Most importantly through her leadership and foresight, she has helped to prepare literally thousands of people to work for the betterment and inclusion of those with disabilities in our society. She left he mark on my life and countless others!” 

Current Occupation: Leader of the review and assessment of the Peer Mentor Program at Sheridan College

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